Hard work

Hello again! On today’s subject we’re going to talk about hard work and how it always pays off if you truly believe it will. The key to this is to have a clear plan, and I’m talking about details. Seriously, just take a pen and write on a journal exactly what you want to achieve in your life. And make sure you paint quite an image. The next step is to read this plan every night before bed and every morning after you wake up. Do so with a strong feeling of achievement! {It is crucial that you feel as though you’ve already achieved your purpose}. The last and most important step is to work on it. Every. Single. Day. Don’t let yourself procrastinate and always go the extra mile. If you have a passion for your dream, then it won’t seem as hard πŸ˜‰

That has worked pretty well for me so far, although I’m still making progress. I’ve read plenty of books about the philosophy & psychology of success and these small steps pretty much sum it all up.

I hope this motivates you to start becoming your best self! Have a nice day and remember: Always go the extra mile. ~


Author: Chara Drim

greek gal

9 thoughts on “Hard work”

  1. Good post. I do think that writing down your goals is the key first step in going towards the end game. I have difficulty with the work part due to procrastination, but I’m trying πŸ™‚


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